The Stock

Series: The Stock Series #1
Published by: TBD
Release Date: TBD
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Pages: 394

It used to be a man’s world. Not anymore.

Murdered men, missing boys, and male segregation—welcome to America’s Matriarchy.

In contemporary America, where history records the victor of the Civil War not the North or South, but the Woman’s Suffrage Movement, the Matriarchy rules supreme. Now, America isn’t segregated by race or religion, but by sex. Stripped of their rights and regarded as nothing more than property, men are considered stock, bought and bartered like slaves at The Redemption. This is the America seventeen-year-old Adela lives in.

From floggings to executions, Adela has seen the ugly side of the Matriarchy’s rule. Taught from childhood that all lives are equal, she challenges the Matriarchy and its laws, stepping in when Enforcers abuse their power. From helping men flee the country, to rescuing boys taken by the government to control male overpopulation, Adela tries to protect the men the Matriarchy harms.

When it is clear she’ll lose her best friend and true love, Greer, at The Redemption, Adela will do anything to keep him safe. But The Redemption is sacred in this woman-dominated America, and to defy the Matriarchy is to toy with death.

Adela must decide just how much she’s willing to risk for family, country, and love.